Excellent technical and customer service. Rick is always ready to respond to a request and resolves them within a timely manner. He is a pleasure to have as part of our extended team. He is always prompt on follow ups as well. Thank you for your commitment to Class-A service!
Jill Kohrs
5 Star service. Off the charts computer knowledge. Would highly recommend Rick & RSL Computer Solutions!
I highly recommend RSL for any computer / network issues you may be having. RSL recently revamped our network here at Mehas Music in downtown Hamilton - Rick took care of multiple complex issues, and was able to get us back up and running in much less time than we were expecting (AND at a reasonable cost!). Stop your search for a computer tech - Rick is THE MAN!
James Mehas
Mehas Music
I would highly recommend RSL for all of your networking, computer or technology support needs. The company completely set up a new office complex for my company and did a great job. The remote monitoring service is a lifesaver!
Sid Vance
MAJ Companies
I called Rick a year ago (02-2017) to rid my computer of a virus. Rick took care of that situation and installed new protection software. No problem since then. Recently Rick transferred files/programs from several of my old computers to a new computer. Now I've got one new "family" computer with all the files/programs I desire on it. And one old computer that Rick dedicated to amateur radio programs. Nice! Rick is knowledgeable, courteous and reliable. I recommend him to any one that needs computer service of any kind. John S. Comella N8AA
John S. Comella N8AA
Rick is the best. If you want fast and quality service, he is definitely the one to call. I am so impressed with the service I received. I would recommend him to everyone.
Terry Singer Huffman
First and foremost, Rick is very smart about computers and networks. On top of that, he really cares about his clients. Your problem is his problem until he has it solved. My computers and network have never worked better.
Thomas J. Ruwe, Attorney at Law
I would like to take a minute to thank you for all your help with setting me up with a new laptop, transferring all my info and files and such, and supporting me with questions and all the help. Your prompt attention to my needs is always helpful and fast. I recommend you and your services to anyone that needs computer help.
Gary B. KC9PTD
Somonauk, IL
We have been using Rick with RSL Computer Solutions, LLC for almost a year now. So glad that we switch because we were not happy with who we were using before and since switching to Rick we have had a lot less issues. Makes things so much smoother when you have your trust in somebody like Rick. If you're looking for a great person to work on your computer give Rick a call, I'm sure you will not regret it! Kim Reffitt, Reffitt's Garage & Towing Service, Auto Body Repair, LLC 2476 Millville-Oxford Road Hamilton, Ohio 45013 513.863.3008 513.896.6158 (Fax)
Reffitt’s Garage & Towing Service, Auto Body Repair, LLC
Reffitt's Garage & Towing Service, Auto Body Repair, LLC
All of the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club (HAMARC) desktop computers at the station were built by Rick and have working great for several years without any problems!
Rick handles all my computer issues and does so in a timely manner. He recently built and set up a one-off computer for a special need and saved me from buying an off the shelf unit with features factory installed not required for my application. He is my go-to source for all computer related issues. Thanks Rick.
Lawson Summerrow: EMF Engineering
I wanted to build my own system but didn't know the best approach or what options might be available. Rick guided me through the entire project. He recommended an affordable, powerful and upgrade-able system. He procured the CPU and shipped it to me in N.C.; advised me on several compatibility issues that came up, and quickly and efficiently did a remote configuration and startup which got me up and running right away. He also provided the anti-virus installation. The system has been in daily use for a year and half without a single hiccup. A very easy and successful project, thanks to Rick.
Bill Keys N4DXC
Very pleased with the work I have had done over the past few years. Don
Don Jeffries
Rick built a custom PC for me to run my Flex 3000 and boy this thing rocks! He helped me set things up remotely and made sure everything was working perfectly. Rick gave me prompt and professional service and I highly recommend him.
Don Rudolph W9BHI
I have a windows 8.1 machine with a solid stated hard drive. I turned my machine on one day and nothing happened. I called Rick and he diagnosed the problem over the phone and had me send the drive to him. Rick was able to recover all my info from the drive, this was huge as I never had backed up anything. He reinstalled windows and all my info on a new drive and added virus protection. Shipped the drive back to me and walked me through set up of back up software via team viewer. In short. he put my life back together in a few days" PRICELESS" marty n8xpk
marty n8xpk
Great guy to work with! If you need your computer worked on this is the guy to call he can do it. Thanks Rick.
When Rick first said he could recover photos from a "corrupted hard drive" my former guy said "no way"..when Rick was successful...he became "my guy"...that was in 2008...been there every time I needed him....Jeff Hendricks